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Once a year, Agrovision will send you a new version of the FARM-software. You will need to install this version yourself within one year of receiving it. After one year, this version will no longer work. When you decide to contact the helpdesk, you will first be asked if you have installed the latest version. We also offer you the possibility to download the last build. 

FARM Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

Note: All builds lower then 6301 have an expiredate from 30-04-2015. After this date, the program will no longer start.

The latest version of the FARM program is build 6305.

Click on this link Build 6305 start downloading.

Choose 'Open' if you want the program to be installed automatically after downloading. To see the modifications, please open this link: Modifications

If you have any problems with installing this version, please contact your distributor or our helpdesk: servicedesk(at) or call + 31 570 664192. We are there to help you!

Windows 98, ME or 2000

The latest build is 5501. This build will only work on a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer. When you have an computer with windows 98, 2000 or ME please contact us by phone +31 (570) 664192 or by e-mail. 

FARM Mobile

From build 4100 and higher, it's not necessary to download FARM mobile. When you download the latest FARM build, the mobile version is automatically installed on your pc. You can install the mobile version on the handheld by going in the FARM program to 'Pocket PC' and then choose 'Program --> Pocket PC' 

Other suppliers

We also offer you a facility for downloading software from other suppliers which can be used to supplement our software. Before installing this software we recommend you first consult the licensing agreement you have with the supplier in question.

FARM Everywhere

FARM Everywhere users on Windows need to download and install the screwdriver program in order to print reports. Which screwdriver version you need to install is depending on your remote desktop version.

Click here to check your remote desktop version.

Click here to install screwdriver version 5.

Click here to install screwdriver version 6. (NOT for Windows 64 bits system)

Click here to install screwdriver version 6 for Windows 64 bits system.

Winzip The FARM back-up is compressed in a ZIP file. With standard compression software such as Winzip, it is possible to reinstall this back-up. It is also possible to 'zip' documents yourself using this software. This is an ideal solution if you want to send large files by email.

PDF reader PDF is the standard format for presenting documents on the Internet. Most operating systems support PDF. In order to read this format you need the Acrobat reader. You can download Acrobat reader here.


VNC If you want to operate your PC remotely a number of tools are available. VNC is one of these tools and it enables you to operate your PC via the Internet. Do not forget to register your password otherwise non-authorised persons may directly log into your PC online when you have an Internet connection.

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