AgroVision develops all enhancements and innovations in PigVision. PigVision brings online knowledge and data together in one program. Knowledge and data, which are translated into useful information for your business.


MultiSite Reporting

Do you manage multiple production locations? Or do you want to monitor, benchmark and advise your customers in one application? Then MultiSite Reporting is the product for you. With PigVision MultiSite Reporting you can see at a glance how your sites or clients are producing. All relevant companies side by side on a report or on a dashboard with target values and alerts.


PigVision Mobile

Up-to-date information at your fingertips

PigVision Mobile allows the easy entry of all registrations in your mobile device from your piggery. Using PigVision Mobile, the registration of mating, farrowing and weaning can be entered much faster, and the app allows both on-line and off-line working. The app can be used simultaneously on various devices.

In addition to mating, farrowing and weaning, PigVision Mobile can also be used to register the condition of the sows, such as the administering medication, back fat and weight. Working with PigVision Mobile gains time and provides real-time data and reliable information, making it easy to take daily decisions.

How it works

The benefits of PigVision Mobile

  • Direct registration and live information on location
  • Paper less working in the stable
  • Quick, simple, reliable and secure
  • Up-to-date information for management
  • Can be used on-line and off-line
  • Option to scan the sow and/or sow card

Connects to...

PigVision Mobile connects with your Pigmanager, FARM, Ceres and PigVision program and provides you with actual information on your mobile device and in your sow management program.

PigVision Analytics

New reporting tool delivers a lot of money to our customers

Arnold Wisselink, back-office specialist pig farmingArnold Wisselink, back-office specialist pig farming, has been working with our new interactive reporting tool for six months now. And the results are great. Arnold tells:
“We have had the Mating, Farrowing, Weaning Monitor for several years. But we, and our customers wanted more. More reporting, more analyses. What more can you analyze? What if you can click through?
So I visited a number of the Monitor users and we have spoken about their analyzing needs. Especially the larger, multisite, pig farmers have reporting needs. AgroVision has a new tool for this: PigVision Analytics. With this tool we can make specific reporting requirements in an easy way, and very understandable. For example, there was a large pig farmer who asked me to make a plan, he delivers sows to different buyers and can now with our tool precisely match the supply with the demand.

I also made a report for a client who would like to know which of his sows were going too light or too heavy into the stable. Together with his advisor, the customer had determined that he could cover a maximum of 15% too light sows. Knowing exactly which sow goes with what weight into the stable.
Provides this customer with an € 100,000 extra per year! That is the value of good information, that’s what I like to help customers with! Using this tool, is a constant improvement cycle of the results. Together with his advisor this customer has again handles to continue. And save even more next year.”

How it works

The benefits of PigVision Analytics

  • Always up-to-date reporting
  • Possibility to combine multiple data
  • Online and available on every device

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