AgroVision develops all enhancements and innovations in PigVision. PigVision brings online knowledge and data together in one program. Knowledge and data, which are translated into useful information for your business.


MultiSite Reporting

Do you manage multiple production locations? Or do you want to monitor, benchmark and advise your customers in one application? Then MultiSite Reporting is the product for you. With PigVision MultiSite Reporting you can see at a glance how your sites or clients are producing. All relevant companies side by side on a report or on a dashboard with target values and alerts.


PigVision Mobile

PigVision Mobile allows you to do all kinds of registrations on your mobile device. No more use of papers in the stable, but direct registration on your smart phone or tablet.

The benefits of Pig Vision Mobile

  • Paper less working in the stable
  • Registration on your own mobile device
  • Actual data on every device
  • No more mistakes
  • Daily registration made easy

  • Connects to...

    PigVision Mobile connects with your Pigmanager, FARM, Ceres and PigVision program and provides you with actual information on your mobile device and in your sow management program.

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