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AgroVision develops all enhancements and innovations in PigVision. PigVision brings online knowledge and data together in one program. Knowledge and data, which are translated into useful information for your business.

With PigVision you have a practical tool in hands to have a quick insight in your current business results where ever you are. You determine what key figures to display; only the figures and indicators that are important to your business. You decide what you want to see and what you want your employees to see.

The many analysis capabilities support you in management decisions for better results. Because the system is accessible from any workstation or mobile device, you, and your employees, work more efficiently. You can also determine whether you make data available to your advisor.

PigVision consists of the components:


Smart Pigs is the mobile extension of PigVision. Smart Pigs is suitable for smartphone or tablet. Android or iOS. Smart Pigs works online via WiFi or on a mobile data network.

Smart Pigs makes work easy:

  • Practical, fast entry
  • With multiple people working
  • Data always up to date and securely stored
  • Current analysis based on real-time data
  • Flexible reporting and analysis capabilities