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MultiSiteReporting (MSR)

Do you own multiple pig companies? Are your pigs in multiple locations? With PigVision Multisite Reporting you have an overview of all the indicators of all your locations. This gives you an easy accessibility to all your data. And the possibility to communicate clearly with your employees and advisors to achieve your goals. You will have technical information of all your sites in one screen.

On the dashboard with target values ​​and alerts you will see your the strengths and weaknesses at that moment. You can compare your online businesses and locations with each other.

Alway up to date

Do you advice multiple companies?

MSR Consultant provides an up to date picture of the technical performance of the sow farms (who  have given you access to  their data)

MSR gives you:

  • Online comparison of these companies.
  • The possibility to use technical indicators to overview (a selection of) these companies.
  • Overviews of (a selection) of sows or cycles of these companies.

data export to MSR is available for companies that use the latest versions of Ceres, FARM or Pigmanager. Simply by pressing a button or via an automated task, the data will available for you.


PigVision Multisite Reporting Consultant consists of the following modules:

  • MSR Consultant Business Analysis: Outlines the key figures of the imported holdings with sows. Providing the perfect Benchmarking tool.
  • MSR Consultant Cycle Analysis: Analyses on sow and cycle level with all sows and cycles of these companies.