New Mobile app for growers!

The new app PigVision Mobile Growers is now ready for use. The only requirement is that you use PigVision trough our server. The app can be used on both iOS and Android devices. PigVision Mobile Growers allows the entry of all registrations into your mobile device from around your farm. The app gives you real time insight in mortality, medication, relocation and feed usage of the feeding herd. The program automatically exchanges data with your management program PigVision Online thus allowing you to spend more time on your unit.

Functions in the app

The PigVision Mobile Growers app contains the following functions regardless whether you are working with locations or with a batch system:

  • Entry of animals with number and weight
  • Death of animals with weight and cause
  • Feed events can be entered as consumption or inventory
  • Transfers between locations
  • Treatment of pigs with your journals from PigVision
  • Retreatment shows the animals that have to be retreated and the doing of this
  • Sold makes it possible to sell animals
  • Stocktake can be entered with number of pigs and their weight

Location/batch card

On the location/batch card you will find an easy and quick overview of the events saved on the location or batch. Here it is possible to see details on entries, exits and deaths. You can also see the medicine consumption and feed events.

Taking decisions based on real-time data and reliable information

With PigVision Mobile Growers you have immediate insight during the lifecycle of a finisher animal, which allows you to take decisions and undertake action, instead of afterwards seeing the results and not being able to change anything.

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