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PigVision Mobile Sows

PigVision Mobile Sows allows the easy entry of all registrations into your mobile device from your farm. The program automatically exchanges data with your management package and data is automatically and flawlessly entered into the sow program, preventing any double work. Working with PigVision Mobile Sows maximises your time and provides real-time data and reliable information, making it easy to make daily decisions.

PigVision Mobile Sows can be used on smartphone and tablet and the operating systems iOS and Android.

Immediate registration on location

Using PigVision Mobile, you can simply enter all registrations into your smartphone to have all sow information to hand. You can thus search for the sow information by manually entering the sow number, by scanning the barcode or the QR code on the sow card or by identifying the sow with the RIFD scanner. All data is displayed on your mobile device and you can start registering right away.

Experience the ease of PigVision Mobile Sows!

In addition to service, farrowing and weaning, PigVision Mobile can also be used to register the condition of the sows, such as fat thickness and weight. In addition, actions such as entering new boars, removals, pig mortality, moving pigs, relocating sows and medication can be entered. The sow card with parity information is also available.

The advantages

of PigVision Mobile Sows

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