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AgroVision supplies specialized software for the international agricultural sector. We offer products for the entire agricultural chain, from farmers to agribusiness.

We have tailor made solutions for all sections from production to processing to marketing.

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Since 1986 AgroVision has developed smart software for the agricultural sector. From our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium (CercoSoft) and Denmark (AgroSoft), we bring our products to the market with the help of over 175 colleagues. Through our local employees and distributors we supply and support our software all over the world.

We are quick to respond to new developments, changed legislation in the agricultural sector and the requests and suggestions of our customers. Thousands of farmers and companies in the agribusiness sector use our products every day. At any time of the day they have an excellent insight into their operational management. We call this Smart farming.


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From farmers to agri-business


Management systems and mobile apps for sows, growers and breeding pigs. And interactive reporting tools to give you more insight into your business process.


Our solutions ensure optimal cooperation between the farmer, the consultant, the supplier and the buyer.

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