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Our Products

AgroVision offers products for the entire agricultural chain, from farmers to agribusiness.
We have tailor made solutions for all sections from production to processing to marketing.


You want to know what is going anywhere, anytime, with the right data. CropVision is our online solution for arable farming.


The AgroVision Dairy Monitor is the coaching system with which farm advisors can work proactively with dairy farmers.


PigVision is a new generation of management. PigVision is the natural development of Pigmanager and FARM.


LayerManager is the program for critical layer poultry farmers who want to choose who they compare themselves with technically and financially.

With AgroVision
you are ready for the future

AgroVision supplies specialized software for the international agricultural sector. We are quick to respond to new developments, changed legislation in the agricultural sector and the requests and suggestions of our customers.
Through our distributors, we supply and support our software nationally and internationally. Thousands of farmers and companies in the agribusiness use our products every day. At any time of the day they have an excellent insight into their operational management.
With 133 fte of employees, Agrovision has a net turnover of 14.4 million. And a profit after tax of 10%.

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