The versatile Optimizer

WinOpti is a feed optimisation program for the agricultural and food industry. The program is developed in co-operation with the feed, food and livestock industries, universities and advisory services to handle wet feeds, dry feeds, additives and premixes. All types of feed recipes can be optimised. The program has an almost limitless data capacity while retaining ease of use due to its speed and flexibility. It always calculates the cheapest recipes from the demands placed upon it. Registering ingredients in spreadsheets can be a thing of the past.

Why WinOpti?

WinOpti provides nutritionists in the livestock feed industry, pet food industry, food industry and premix industry the ideal optimization tool which helps them to develop, manage, store, analyse, collaborate and exchange feed formulas. All in order to help increase productivity and minimize costs.

Customized optimizing software

WinOpti is designed in modules that can be combined to meet each users requirements. The user can decide which windows they require to be active and where on the screen they should be placed. Using the shortcut icons the program makes it quick and easy to choose the required function. Registration of data can be done quickly and easily, ensuring minimal data-entry errors.

To ensure a complete overview the nutrients can be divided into different groups for different requirements, i.e. animal feed groups. With WinOpti you can collaborate with the same data, either at the same location or worldwide.

Niels Rauhe (Arla Foods Ingredients) about WinOpti

The advantages

of WinOpti

Customers about WinOpti

WinOpti is used worldwide by various customers to their complete satisfaction.

Meet our WinOpti team!

Our WinOpti team consists of specialists from different countries. Together they serve WinOpti customers worldwide and provide support. Feel free to contact one of the team members below.

Jesper Toft

Product manager/taking care of business

Country: Denmark
Phone: +45 22336477/ +4576902226
Languages: DA, SE, NO, EN, DE and if necessary NL, FI and FR

Jesper Toft

M.Sc. Agric.

You can email or call Jesper for:
Everything on WinOpti

Best thing of WinOpti/why should people use WinOpti?:
WinOpti does EVERYTHING seen in the market for optimization-software, we dare you to prove us wrong. Faster, cheaper more agile and flexible.

Nice anecdote or quote that you experienced with a WinOpti customer:
We are chosen as the cooperate solution of Danish Agro, and lately a plant producing and thus feeding “Black soldier flies” have chosen to employ WinOpti. So we do all species, even the human species, as WinOpti is also employed in baby milk replacers…

Peter Øther


Country: Denmark

Background: Master of science

Aurelija Telsinskaite

Sales / support

Country: Lithuania
Phone: +370 616 368 82
Languages: LT, RU, EN

Aurelija Telsinskaite

Background: More than 15 years of experience in agricultural software.

You can email or call Aurelija for:
Everything on WinOpti or PigVision

Best thing of WinOpti/why should people use WinOpti?:
It gives everything you need!

Jacek Koscielski


Country: Poland
Phone: +48 52 386 07 02 / +48 601 65 78 69
Languages: PL, EN

Jacek Koscielski

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