Management systems

As a pig farmer you have to manage a large amount of data for your business. With our management systems for breeding and feeding herds, you have an excellent tool to quickly and accurately record data and then convert it into useful management information. You can then analyze this and share it with your advisors.

Our management systems


The ultimate recording and management solution for every pig farmer.

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Mobile solutions

We provide a Mobile solution for Sows (PigVision Mobile Sows) and Growers and Finishers (PigVision Mobile Growers). PigVision Mobile allows the easy entry of all registrations into your mobile device from your barn. The program automatically exchanges data with your management program.

Our Mobile solutions

PigVision Mobile Sows

Can be used to register service, farrowings, weanings and the condition of the sows, such as fat thickness and weight.

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PigVision Mobile Growers

Gives you real time insight in mortality, medication, movements and feed usage of the feeding herd.

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Analyses & Reporting

Would you like to turn your pig data into Big Data? With our interactive analysis and reporting tools you can easily create specific reports and analyzes. You’ll have more insight into your business process and better management information to help guide your processes.

Our Analyses & Reporting products


Get more out of your pig data.

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MultiSite Reporting

A helpful online program that converges the data from all your locations.

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Central Office Module

For integrators or vertical production systems that have many farms and where large amounts of data are collected in a central office.

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PigVision Data Center

From pig data to Big data. The PigVision Data Center provides increased insight and grip on your company.

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