Central Office Module

For integrators or vertical production systems that have many farms and where large amounts of data are collected in a central office, we have the Central Office Module (COM). Different information such as Slaughter data (Kill data), feed deliveries and other financial information that is stored in the central office can be entered into the COM program and then pushed to the individual farms for single farm analysis or benchmarking.

Add on for PigVision users

Central Office Module is an add-on of the PigVision program and only available for PigVision users.



Movement, Mortalities, Feed (manual input), other costs, other income and Slaughter information (manual input) are exported via the COM program to PigVision for single farm reports.


There are the following options: address database, movement documentation to governments and/or authorities, electronic import of feed and slaughter data, feed ordering and weaner, Grower and Finisher Batch management.

The advantages

of Central Office Module

Efficiency and time saving

Time saving data entry and the key performance index reports are available at a key stroke.

Planning and control

Planning tool for animal sales and deliveries. Check on price agreements for feed and carcase towards imported invoices and payment sheets are done automatically and if there are differences, the system issues a notification.

Everything from one central point

Multiple locations easier to manage from one central point. Saving visits at different production sites.

No more Excel needed

Being able to work with multiple people in the system at the same time.