PigVision: record, call up and share data online

PigVision combines on-line knowledge and data into one single program, and then translates this into usable information for your business. You can log in to PigVision anywhere on the internet. PigVision provides a practical tool for quick and accurate insight into your current farm situation. All animal information is combined in a handy dashboard with clear overviews and diagrams.


PigVision has a lot of general functions that makes it easy to use and user-friendly. For example Production report, calculations behind formulas, medicine, manuals, filter and sorting, setup the Windows that are customized to match individual needs, action list and benchmarking.

PigVision consists of the following modules


For companies that produce breeding sows and breeding boars.


For pig farmers with growers.


For easy entry of technical data of your sows and tattooed pigs.

The advantages

of PigVision

A flexible set-up

PigVision has a flexible set-up, allowing you to establish the indicators shown, with just the figures and indicators that are important for your business. You can indicate what you want to see and what your employees are permitted to view.

Extensive options for analysis

The various options for analysis provide support in management decisions for an improved result.

Accessible from every place of work or mobile device

You can log in to PigVision anywhere on the internet. The system is accessible from each workplace or mobile device, thus allowing you and your employees to work efficiently.

Option to share data with your advisor

Data in PigVision can easily be shared with your advisor. The level to which your adviser is allowed to access your data is up to you, and you are no longer required to share back-ups for this. Your advisor can also request and analyse special reports.