AgroVision Analytics

As a busy pig farmer you collect an increasing amount of data. This data can be collected via management recording on your mobile phone, feeding stations, climate control and various types of scales. But you also exchange data with slaughterhouses and genetic companies. The key question is what can you do with all this data?

MyAgroVision portal

Via our MyAgroVision portal we make your data accessible in clear, interactive reports in AgroVision Analytics. With AgroVision Analytics you get more insight into your business process and better management information to help guide your processes. By making the results even more transparent, you can come up with more specific and targeted plan, together with your advisors. This improves the results within your company. With AgroVision Analytics your data becomes smart data.

The advantages

of AgroVision Analytics

Operational Monitor

The first report we present to you is the Operational Monitor. 

The Operational Monitor gives you greater insight into your daily operations and improved management information to help guide your processes. You can easily click trough the reporting of services, farrowings, weanings, attention animals and piglet mortality.  

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