PigVision Mobile Growers

PigVision Mobile Growers allows the entry of all registrations into your mobile device from around your farm. The app gives you real time insight in mortality, medication, relocation and feed usage of the feeding herd. The program automatically exchanges data with your management program PigVision Online, thus allowing you to spend more time on your unit.

PigVision Mobile Growers can be used on smartphone and tablet and the operating systems iOS and Android. It only exchanges data with our management program PigVision.

Immediate registration on location

Using PigVision Mobile Growers, you can simply enter all registrations into your smartphone to have all finishers information to hand. Registration of deaths, arrival, relocation, medication and feed consumption can be done live or offline on the unit. Registration can be done on locations or on batches and one account can have access to multiple farms.

Taking decisions based on real-time data and reliable information

With PigVision Mobile Growers you have immediate insight during the lifecycle of a finisher animal, which allows you to take decisions and undertake action, instead of afterwards seeing theĀ  results and not being able to change anything.

The advantages

of PigVision Mobile Growers

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