More advantage from soil and weather data with AgroVision and Vantage Agrometius

As of 1 April 2021, Vantage Agrometius is a dealer of CropVision Gewis of AgroVision, for The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  Vantage Agrometius has long been a dealer of GeoBas weather and soil stations. CropVision Gewis  and  the  GeoBas soil and weather data are currently  available on; the precision farming platform of Vantage Agrometius. The arable farmer thus benefits from the convenience of one supplier and the advantages of combined data. This makes soil and weather data even easier and better used for both crop protection and irrigation advice.

With this dealership, the grower can now go to Vantage Agrometius in addition to GeoBas, so also for CropVision Gewis. This gives the grower valuable advice for both crop protection and irrigation; two activities that go hand in hand and in which accuracy plays an increasingly important role.

“CropVision Gewis is a great addition to our products and services” explains Jeroen Straver, product manager at Vantage Agrometius. “This step allows growers to be optimally supported with questions about both spraying and irrigation and  increases the ease of use for the customer via”.

Leon Spätjens, product manager at AgroVision, adds: “The demand for targeted spraying advice has been increasing for a long time. Not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally. Through this collaboration, AgroVision can also take further steps abroad with its advisory systems.”

Best spraying time and dosage with CropVision Gewis

CropVision Gewis from AgroVision indicates for each agent what is the best spraying time, in order  to achieve the highest achievable effect of the spraying. In addition to the optimal spraying time, Gewis also shows whether a dosage reduction is possible. By  responding to the best weather conditions, the grower can also save on the spraying costs. With the Gewis software linked to the GeoBas weather station of Vantage Agrometius in your own land, it is possible to really work locally.

More accurate local advice with the combination of GeoBas and Gewis

More and more often the weather shows large differences regionally; somewhere it rains quite a bit, while 10 km away it is bone dry. CropVision Gewis gives advice on the optimal spraying moment based on the GeoBas weather station in your own land and is therefore much more accurate than a traditional method. The GeoBas soil moisture and weather station also provides insight in advance when a moisture deficiency will occur using the suction pressure measurement. With this combination,  crop damage can be prevented by higher effectiveness of spraying and irrigation.

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