Optifeed is the ration calculation program for animal nutrition consultants. The program reads in the composition and price of the feed. In addition, roughage analyses are automatically imported and (own) key figures calculated. Optifeed can be used for dairy cattle, goats and beef cattle and is used daily by 400-500 advisors.

Different roles

Optifeed gives access to the program with different roles. It works with a central administrator and business advisors.

  • Administrator
    Feed materials, use of formulas, settings in overview ration screen, intake curves, feed prices, regions, customer allocation, etc. are centrally managed by the administrator.

  • Advisor
    The business advisor can make and analyse rations within the assigned companies. This is done locally on his laptop (offline client). The farm advisor can work offline at the kitchen table of the farmer. The data is stored locally. By synchronizing on a daily basis, all data is safely stored and the adviser always has the latest research, assortments, prices, calculation rules and curves.

Reports in your own layout

Reports can be published on the portal, sent by email or printed. In addition, it is possible to create the reports in the layout of the company/brand.

Elements library

Within Optifeed you have access to the elements library. CVB and Schothorst Feed Research are maintained by AgroVision. You can add your own elements without restrictions. The administrator determines which elements are shown to the advisor.