MultiSite Reporting

If you have various pig farms or keep pigs at various locations, you will want to collect the data of these various locations, make it easier to oversee stock, schedule, analyse results and direct your staff. We have the solution for you: PigVision MultiSite Reporting (MSR).

Why MultiSite Reporting?

Large pig farms with multiple locations are emerging. Directing these locations is not always easy because the information from each location is compared separately. MSR provides a helpful online program that converges the data from all your locations. The results of the locations can be compared according to feed, genetics, sty system, etc.

PigVision MultiSite Reporting is available for sow and finisher farms.

In addition, closed farms can work with combined overviews using both sow and finisher data, providing an easy overview of the entire process, from mating to the delivery of the finishers.



All information about service, farrowing and weaning of all companies combined.


All information about supplies, feed conversion, feed costs, loss, growth, feed use, delivery of all companies together.

Slaughter analysis

A direct link with slaughterhouses.

The advantages

of MultiSite Reporting