Farms are getting bigger and this requires a different view. You want to know what is going anywhere, anytime, with the right data. Share data with customers and respond quickly. CropVision is our online solution for arable farming.

Crop Central


Crop Central is a low threshold web application for agribusiness that collects all production and other data from growers. Chain parties have all crop information available to them in a uniform manner in a central database. Through this they can comply with all legislation and certification, such as food safety and ‘tracking and tracing’. Growers can enter their data themselves online via Crop Online. If growers have their own management system for their company record-keeping, data can be sent via the EDI standard to Crop Central and automatically processed there. This avoids double registration work.

Crop Monitor


Crop Monitor is an application for analysing, monitoring and benchmarking data from the Crop Central database. Indicators are calculated and analysed and can be reported to advisors and/or growers. Customers and growers can use Crop Monitor collectively to optimise crop production, harvesting, and delivery. The web application is excellent for use in study groups.