Continuous visibility into the milk price and the (feed) costs is a must.


Work proactively with dairy farmers.


Unique calculation lines to distinguish your company



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For several years there has been scaling on dairy farms, which requires different tools to previously. Continued visibility of the milk price and (feed) costs is a must. These changes have led to CowVision. CowVision is a cloud solution.

CowVision comprises:

  • Animal Analysis
  • Feed Portal
  • OptiFeeding
  • Mobile

Dairy Monitor


The Agrovision Dairy Monitor is the coaching system with which farm advisors can work proactively with dairy farmers. Feed companies can also access milk production data on their customers’ farms with the Dairy Monitor. The Dairy Monitor can be further expanded with a benchmark module that allows you to analyse the data from the Dairy Monitor. For instance, ranking individual farms, determining averages per feed, sort, etc.



Optifeed is the ration calculation programme for dairy, beef and goats. Optifeed uses unique calculation lines with which every feed production company can be distinguished. The program has been created using state-of-the-art technology, thus ensuring that Optifeed usable both online and offline.

Milk Feed
Feed wedge