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The world is becoming more and more data driven. Having data is nice but being able to do something with it is something else. We help you with that!

A large amount of data is available in the dairy farming sector. With all this data you can do many useful things. However, collecting data and presenting it can be complex. The On Farm Data Service of AgroVision brings all the feed and milk data together. From milking robot to cow feeding station. This ensures that advisors do not have to collect data from different places.

You can quickly establish a relationship between feed and milk. After adjusting the ration, it is possible to see within 24 hours what are the consequences of the advice. And more importantly, it does not matter which process computer the farmer uses, and which management system is running. AgroVision can connect to all process computers and therefore to all of your clients.


Milk, feed and robot data of all clients collected in one program


Feed Data


Milk Data


Robot Data

Of all clients collected in Dairy Analytics

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