PigVision: Smart Farming for sows and grower farms

PigVision by AgroVision is a complete and advanced herd management system for sows and growers farms. The program processes essential physical and financial performance data and reports it in a highly accessible format. It gives you clear insights and complete control over all aspects of your herd and farm.


Better insights and control of your herd's daily operations and financial performance. Improved efficiency, profits and save time.


PigVision | for sows and grower farms

Testimonial of Matthew Burgess

“The service we get from AgroVision is second to none.”

Matthew Burgess is the owner of Clumber Pigs in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. They manage 1600 sows in a hybrid unit where half of the sows are managed outside and half of them inside.

"The software of AgroVision is easy to use. Once you get to know the software, it becomes a routine job to add and edit the data in the software. This gives us the key figures we need to manage our sows in the best way possible."

PigVision - Optional modules and addons


Free module

Multi Site Monitor

Requirements & recommendations

To use PigVision


PigVision Sows*

£ 1,45
Per year / per animal *

* Minimum amount £ 700

PigVision Growers*

£ 0,07
Per year / per animal *

* Minimum amount £ 400


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